Centrum Techniki Okrętowej, Gdańsk 2010

Monika Warmowska
Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk
Email: rb@prs.pl

Problem of water flow on deck of small vessel

Green water moving on deck of a small vessel affects its motion and can contribute to the vessel’s capsizing. The phenomenon is nonlinear and its description using mathematical differential problems continues to be a challenge. The paper presents the comparison study of two simplified methods describing the water moving on deck. The first model is used in Ro-Ro ferries damage stability calculations. The model is based on an assumption that free surface of water over the deck is horizontal. The dynamic pressure caused by water on deck depends on the vessel’s acceleration and changing height of water. The shallow water model is the second method. This method is used in simulation of shallow water motion along the deck of a small vessel. In this method the vertical acceleration of water is neglected and the horizontal components of water’s velocity do not depend on the vertical coordinate. The paper presents verification possibilities of applying these methods in practice.

Keywords: method of shallow water flow, vessel capsizing, water on deck, irregular waves, vessel motion