Polish Register of Shipping together with the Gdansk University of Technology organizes 23. edition of the HYDRONAV symposium. The event has been held regularly for over 40 years now. It is organized by scientific and industrial centers involved in the development of hydrodynamics. In the past, among organizers, there were: the Gdańsk University of Technology (2021 – online symposium), Maritime Advanced Research Centre (2017), Wrocław University of Science and Technology (2014), and Foundation for Safety of Navigation and Environment Protection (2012).

This year’s edition will be held on May 24-26 in Sopot. We invite scientists as well as practitioners who are interested in topics such as the safety of shipping (e.g. manoeuvering), offshore construction safety, offshore wind farms safety (e.g. calculation methods), environmental protection (energy efficiency – model and numerical tests, hydroacoustic), development of stability requirements (IMO recommendations on the 2nd generation of stability regulations), twin ship (numerical description of floating objects) to participate.

We also encourage and invite anyone interested in the above topics to active participation in the symposium. Till Feb. 15 we are waiting for applications to present research works results related to hydrodynamics. An e-book with received papers will be prepared as an element of the symposium. There is also a possibility to publish participants’ papers in the Polish Maritime Research journal, after positive revision, for an additional fee. Authors of the papers approved for publication in PMR may apply for partial financing of the publication costs. However, the acceptance of a paper at the HYDRONAV Symposium 2023 does not mean the acceptance of the article by the Polish Maritime Research journal.

People from outside the scientific community are invited as well to attend the event to broaden their knowledge and share their related problems during the discussion. We address this invitation especially to design offices and shipyards' representatives.

Students are also welcome. Thanks to funding from the Ministry of Education and Science they can broaden their knowledge by participating in the symposium on preferential terms.

The organization of the symposium received financing from the Ministry of Education and Science within the competition “Excellent education” – support of scientific conferences module.

We are honored by the support of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects which became a media sponsor of Hydronav 2023. It is enough to say that RINA is an elite international organization gathering and representing naval architects and marine engineers involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of all marine vessels and structures.

All the details regarding the symposium (agenda, registration, venue, call for papers, contact, etc.) are available at the event’s site.