On-line Training: "Safe Entry into Confined Spaces"

This course is designed for workers who need to enter and work in a confined space that is free of hazardous gas at the time of entry.

You will learn health and safety procedures to reduce the danger involved in working in confined spaces.




on-line webinar


149€ / per person

3-hour training for a group of minimum 4 people.

The price includes: online webinar course, training materials in PDF format, Final TEST and e-certificate (valid for 3 years) in PDF format.


Łukasz Korzeniewicz - member of the Program Committee of the Quality Certification Center of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland (WAT CCJ), IACS Quality Committee, IACS EU Expert Group. Ship Security Officer, ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 certified lead auditor.


  • What is a confined space?
  • Hazards in confined spaces
  • Technical and personal protection appliances
  • Legal requirements
  • Documentation
  • Responsibility of personnel
  • Entry procedures
  • Exit procedures
  • Belaying and life saving appliances
  • Final Test

Enrolment: dl@prs.pl