R e g i s t e r – a list of PRS-classed floating units, including information on the Owner, symbol of class, dimension particulars, general technical data and survey status. Separate Registers are maintained for particular groups of floating units.

R u l e s – sets of PRS technical and supervision requirements for different floating units, their installations, equipment or appliances covered by PRS technical supervision, and sets of such requirements for other objects covered with PRS technical supervision, developed and issued by PRS. Integral part of the Rules are Publications referred to therein. Requirements of Publications marked with letter P are mandatory while Publications marked with letter I are informative Publications.

Polish Register Shipping develops and issues the Rules for the Classification and Construction for different kinds of floating units and, if necessary, appropriate Statutory Rules for Sea-going Ships.

Polish Register Shipping develops and issues separate Rules for the Classification and Construction for the following floating units:

  • sea-going ships,
  • small sea-going ships,
  • inland waterway vessels,
  • naval ships,
  • motor boats,
  • sea-going yachts,
  • mobile offshore drilling units,
  • floating docks,
  • submersibles.

All of the above-mentioned Rules usually consist of separate parts relating to:

  • classification regulations,
  • hull and its equipment,
  • stability and subdivision,
  • fire protection,
  • machinery installations and refrigerating plants,
  • engines, machinery, boilers and pressure vessels,
  • electrical installations and control systems,
  • materials and welding.

In addition, Polish Register Shipping develops and issues Statutory Rules for Sea-going Ships containing requirements and /or guidelines relating to:

  • survey regulations,
  • life-saving appliances and means,
  • signal means,
  • radio installations,
  • navigational equipment,
  • lifting appliances,
  • fishing gear,
  • fire-fighting equipment,
  • environment protection,
  • tonnage measurement of ships.

Polish Register Shipping also develops and issues technical requirements for other objects in the form of Rules.

Technical requirements of the Rules are formulated on the assumption that every floating unit, land-based object or other supervised object covered by the Rules, including its machinery and equipment, is operated in accordance with the principles of good practice and is maintained in a proper technical condition. As regards the floating units, the above applies, in particular, to the securing of cargo, distribution of stores and ballast, as well as to the principles of navigation in heavy weather conditions. For industrial objects, this applies to the principles of operation in heavy service and weather conditions.

The technical requirements contained in the Rules are formulated with due regard paid to the current level of knowledge and constitute the minimum requirements which ensure, in PRS opinion, the acceptable standard of safety. Polish Register Shipping presents newly developed and updated Rules as well as amendments thereto for review to the users and PRS Technical Committee.

The Rules for the Classification and Construction take into account the provisions of applicable Conventions related to the ship’s structure and equipment, to the extent PRS considers necessary for the assignment of class.

The Rules are updated by introduction of amendments to an existing text with pink characters or by publication of a new revision.
In the first case, a table of amendments specifying place, subject and source document for the introduced amendments, is placed at the end of the text.

The Rules are updated by ammending current versions - new text is put in pink colour or by publishing new editions. While implementing amendments in the text a table of amendments is added at the end that identifies location, theme and source document for the implemented chenges.

The Rules are published as a rule in the Polish and English language. In doubtful cases, the Polish version is authoritative.

Polish Register Shipping maintains and issues appropriate Registers containing principal technical and classification data of floating units classed by PRS.