In addition to documents confirming compliance by the floating unit, material or product of applicable requirements of classification or statutory rules, or EU directives, PRS issues:

Certificate of Fitness for Sailing
This document is issued by PRS for the floating objects which are not covered by the requirements of PRS Rules. The Certificate of Fitness is issued for a period not longer than 1 year; for inland waterway objects in service in areas 2 and 3 for a period not exceeding 3 years.

Single Voyage Declaration
The document is equivalent to Temporary Certificate of Class and may be issued for the floating unit with navigation conditions to be restricted. Such document may also be issued to the unit without valid class.
As the document name states, the Declaration is valid for a single voyage, for a  defined route and conditions specified therein.  

Towing Train Voyage Declaration
Such document issued by PRS confirms that technical condition of a towing train (tug and towed object) is such that safe voyage may be conducted  on a defined route, at a defined period and the document conditions being maintained.

Orzeczenie o stanie technicznym (Statement on technical condition)
The document is issued by PRS for the following ship components: hull, machinery, electrical equipment. The document is issued on the basis of assessment of ship components wear.

For the issue of the above documents, the nearest PRS Branch Office or Survey Station shall be contacted. Their addresses can be found on the Contact list.