One of the objectives of the R&D work conducted in PRS is to elaborate numerical models and computer programs to analyse and simulate ship behaviour, its structure and equipment in normal and extreme service conditions. StabPRS for control of ship loading conditions to show compliance with stability, longitudinal and local strength requirements is one of such programs.

PRS offers the development of the StabPRS program suited for a specified ship, to measure its particulars. Tailored to a given ship’s parameters, StabPRS supports the day to day ship operation by providing quick calculation of the cargo mass change as handled, stability and general strength in any loading condition in both intact and damage conditions. By entering variable data, we can obtain an updated assessment of the selected safety related parameters. Besides, StabPRS allows to perform calculations for visualization of intact ship’s movement in waves.

The displayed audiovisual demo version shows how the program operates in particular modules for a randomly configured multipurpose ship.

Select a module relating to a problem which interests you. In case of any difficulties, please contact PRS Research and Development Division for further information.

Calculation programs You can find here.

PRS also offers its own calculators which can be useful for ship design, construction, operation and repairs. The calculators are available on the link below, as well as on the sub-page Research and Development, the bookmark Calculators.

●     Selection of starting accumulator batteries

●     Selection of service accumulator batteries

●     Calculation of ventilation of accumulator batteries compartments and boxes

●     Voltage drop - selection of cable in DC network

●     Voltage drop, 1-phase AC

●     Voltage drop, 3-phase AC

●     Electric power and current calculator for 3-phase network