Hydronav' 21 Sopot-Iława – online

International Symposium on Hydrodynamics in Ship Desing, Safety, Manoeuvring and Operation

Marek Narewski

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk

Email: rp@prs.pl

Short review of actual ice class requirements for ship propulsion and its implementation into PRS Rules

Ships navigating in ice infested waters must have hull and machinery designed and constructed to withstand ice loads during navigation. The process of ship design includes the specific knowledge. PRS was involved recently in classification of new ship design where compliance with ice class requirements was deeply analysed. The paper is brief introduction into machinery aspects related to verification by class society of ship propulsion machinery design for compliance with requirements of rules for classification and construction of ships. The positive result of verification by class society is visible as relevant notation mark in a symbol of ship class certificate being assigned after construction. Majority of ship designers and shipping professionals are not very familiar with origin of ice class requirements and application of ice requirements to propulsion machinery where ships are intended to perform other type service than carrying cargo in winter time in ice infested waters. The need for development of ice class requirements resulted from winter navigation practice, research and evolution of requirements for ships having both hull and machinery suitable for operation in ice infested waters. As a member of IACS, PRS takes active part in development and amendment of IACS technical requirements applicable to ships navigating in ice covered waters. In line with IACS procedures, all mandatory technical and safety requirements for ice classed ships are implemented into PRS Rules.