PRS performs statutory supervision on the basis of mandatory international conventions, on behalf of the Administrations, who granted appropriate authorization to PRS, respectively to the scope of authorization.

In result of the survey of construction, conversion and reconstruction of floating units PRS issues, while in result of survey of the units in service PRS confirms existing or issues new, Certificates or other documents  provided by respective conventions and/or Administrations’ regulations, respectively to the granted authorization.

Prior to the issue of full-term document (in general valid for 5 years), a temporary document (in general valid for not more than 5 months) is issued. Some documents have unlimited validity. The full-term document is issued by PRS Head Office, while the temporary document – by the PRS Branch Office or Service Station which performed the survey. The full-term document is issued before the validity expiry of the temporary document, after PRS Head Office is ensured that the survey scope is fulfilled and the floating unit complies with all applicable statutory requirements.

PRS starts the activities leading to the issue of respective statutory documents after concluding contract with the Client and after the Client submits Application for classification and statutory services (Form 655a).

As regards certification for conformity with requirements of ISM Code and/or ISPS Code please contact the Safety and Security Management Bureau (e-mail: kz@prs.pl), which collects applications completed with the use of appropriate form:
– application for SMS certification (Company’s office) – on Form 654a – Application for certification under the provisions of the ISM Code as amended
– application for SMS certification (ship) or appllication for ISPS certification  – on Form 655a – Application for classification and statutory services.


All convention equipment products installed onboard ships shall be type approved by PRS or shall have certificates of conformity with requirements of applicable EU directives.

PRS performs supervision of the manufacture of materials and products for which conventions require the issue of respective document confirming compliance with respective constructional and functional requirements. In general such document is an Approval Certificate which covers defined type or group of products and in general has no validity limit.

In own document issued for the given product, the manufacturer specifies the list of countries which approved the material/product for conformity with applicable requirements.

PRS starts activities leading to the issue of Approval Certificate or other statutory document at the written application sent to the Ship Division Director Office in PRS Head Office (e-mail: do@prs.pl) or to the nearest PRS field unit.

Further information on the survey and the issue of statutory documents by PRS are given in Part I – Survey Regulations of the Rules for Statutory Survey of Sea-Going Ships (see more here).



Product certification for conformity with EU directives is initiated upon receiving application submitted on Form Application for product certification or Application for product certification and conformity assessment in accordance with requirements of Directive 94/25/EC, which shall be sent to: dc@prs.pl.

Further information on the products certification for conformity with EU directives are available here and in the bookmark Documents related to product certification for conformity with EU directives.