PRS has been performing industrial supervision for several decades. Since 1991 it has been realized by PRS Industrial Supervision Division.

We perform technical and investor supervision basing on Construction Regulations Act and as an independent third party – in accordance with international standards, including standards of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and PRS own standards.

Our offer comprises supervision over construction, repairs and operation of various types of technical structure objects and devices, such as:

  • steel constructions, towers, masts, tanks,
  • transportation systems for fuel (gas, oil, oil products) and municipal infrastructure, pumping stations, reducing and measuring stations,
  • spatial objects – halls, buildings,
  • natural environment protection objects on land,
  • motorways, roads, streets, bridges, viaducts, culverts – together with their infrastructure,
  • hydro-technical constructions.

We also perform approval processes of products for compliance with terms of delivery or requirements of ISO standards for machinery, machinery elements, industrial installations and devices, all types of electric machinery and devices.

Besides PRS offers performing:

  • reliability and risk assessment of complex industrial objects,
  • assessment of technical condition of technical objects and devices,
  • technical expertise and technical-financial analyses of objects,

and technical and investment advisory services for future projects together with technical realization concept.

After completing the supervision with positive effect PRS issues the Certificate of Compliance which confirms the realized project’s compliance with the technical documentation, requirements of applicable standards and mandatory law, as well as the Safety Certificate which confirms that the object may be safely operated in accordance with the binding regulations. The Certificates are the basis for obtaining by the investor the object operation permit and insurance premium discounts.

Completion of the construction of the multi-purpose ship Zodiak II


In the coming days PRS will complete its tasks of supervision over the construction of the vessel no. B618/1 - Zodiak II. This multi-purpose ship was built at the Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard and is one of two twin vessels ordered in 2018 by th... More »

Research and development work of PRS for the reduction of noise emission of the motor yacht


PRS has recently completed a pro-environmental research project for the Polish manufacturer of yachts and boats from Augustów - the company Balt Yacht. More »

Informal discussions focus on cutting shipping’s carbon intensity


IMO has facilitated virtual informal discussion sessions (6-10 July) on short-term greenhouse gas reduction measures for international shipping and their associated impact assessments. More »

Dariusz Rudziński, a member of the PRS S.A. Management Board speaks about issues related to safe ship recycling


The importance of issues related to ship scrapping and the need to regulate them was recognized by the international community as early as in the 1980s. Ships are considered waste after the end of their operation and as such are subject to the Bas... More »

List of protective masks with PRS certificates


PRS as a notified body in the European Commission has among others the competence for certification of personal protective equipment (PPE). Many of PPE, mainly masks offered on the markets of many countries, do not comply with relevant standards,... More »

PRS Cybersecurity Guidelines for Shipowners


By sharing knowledge and experience as well as meeting the IMO requirements, PRS has developed a guide on cybersecurity guidelines for shipowners. More »

Day of the Seafarer 2020


Day of the Seafarer 2020 On 25 June every year, the Day of the Seafarer turns the spotlight on the contribution seafarers make to world trade. With the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the services they provid... More »

PRS shares its scientific and research experience and knowledge with the students of Gdańsk University of Technology


On 4 June 2020, the PRS representative, Mrs. Monika Warmowska-Gadzińska, the Director of the Research and Development Division, one more time was invited to give a short lecture for the I and II degree Math students of the Applied Physics and Math... More »