PRS has been performing industrial supervision for several decades. Since 1991 it has been realized by PRS Industrial Supervision Division.

We perform technical and investor supervision basing on Construction Regulations Act and as an independent third party – in accordance with international standards, including standards of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and PRS own standards.

Our offer comprises supervision over construction, repairs and operation of various types of technical structure objects and devices, such as:

  • steel constructions, towers, masts, tanks,
  • transportation systems for fuel (gas, oil, oil products) and municipal infrastructure, pumping stations, reducing and measuring stations,
  • spatial objects – halls, buildings,
  • natural environment protection objects on land,
  • motorways, roads, streets, bridges, viaducts, culverts – together with their infrastructure,
  • hydro-technical constructions.

We also perform approval processes of products for compliance with terms of delivery or requirements of ISO standards for machinery, machinery elements, industrial installations and devices, all types of electric machinery and devices.

Besides PRS offers performing:

  • reliability and risk assessment of complex industrial objects,
  • assessment of technical condition of technical objects and devices,
  • technical expertise and technical-financial analyses of objects,

and technical and investment advisory services for future projects together with technical realization concept.

After completing the supervision with positive effect PRS issues the Certificate of Compliance which confirms the realized project’s compliance with the technical documentation, requirements of applicable standards and mandatory law, as well as the Safety Certificate which confirms that the object may be safely operated in accordance with the binding regulations. The Certificates are the basis for obtaining by the investor the object operation permit and insurance premium discounts.

Certificate finder for products certified by PRS


After the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for personal protective equipment increased rapidly. Many of PPE, mainly the masks offered on the markets of many countries, do not meet the relevant standards, i.e. they do not provide the requi... More »

Update No. 2 of PRS information regarding COVID-19 dated 06 March 2020


Please be informed that IACS has evaluated a template “Declaration from Master” for commencement procedure for survey and certification activity in COVID-19 cases. More »

Launching of linear icebreaker for Regional Water Authorities in Gdańsk


On May 12, 2020, the first of three linear icebreakers built for the Regional Water Authorities in Gdansk was launched in the Marine Ship Repair Yard “Gryfia” in Szczecin. The prototype unit will be designed to widening the main route... More »

IACS Annual Review 2019 is available


IACS released the Annual Review 2019, organizing last year's work conducted at the International Association of Classification Societies. Łukasz Korzeniewicz from PRS, the Chairman of the Quality Committee at IACS in the publication described how... More »

A sound hull is integral to keeping safe at sea


In March edition of Dry Cargo International an article about PRS entitled "A sound hull is integral to keeping safe at sea" was published More »

The first flag raising on the tugboat H-1 Gniewko


On April 15, 2020 the ceremony of the first flag raising on the tug H-1 Gniewko took place at the Naval Base in Gdynia. H-1 Gniewko, like the twin H-11 Bolko, was built under the supervision of the Polish Register of Shipping. More »

PRS supervises the construction of retention reservoir in Gdynia


Last year, the city of Gdynia has started in the Witomino district a new investment that is supervised by the industry consortium of Transprojekt Gdanski and PRS. More »

PRS is providing approval for IHM service suppliers in ship recycling sector


PRS activities cover a wide range of services. Lately we have extended a spectrum of company approval certification by verification in scope of Inventory of Hazardous Materials service supplier. We are prepared to approve firms engaged in... More »