The specific character of PRS activity is presented essentially in our Mission:

PRS is an independent expert institution acting on the international market, whose business is conducted for the benefit of the community. Through the formulation of the requirements, survey and issue of the appropriate documents, PRS assists State Administrations, Underwriters and the Society's clients in ensuring the safety of people, floating objects, land undertakings, the safety of carried cargo and that of the natural environment.

PRS performs activity in many areas which may be divided into the following basic groups:

Performing surveys for compliance with the requirements of the Society’s own rules for classification and construction and/or the requirements of the relevant international conventions as well as national regulations regarding the following:

  • sea-going ships,
  • inland waterways vessels, yachts and boats,
  • naval craft and other special purpose objects intended for the State security and defense,
  • steel structures, pipelines and industrial installations, as well as land objects,
  • construction and repair of containers,
  • manufacture of materials and products,
  • manufacturers and service suppliers.

Certification of products for compliance with European Union directives.

Certification of management systems for compliance with international and national standards.

Provision of technical expertise and advisory services.