Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. offers services related to supervision of financing and execution of investment projects, e.g. ship construction or conversion, new and modernized industrial projects, if they are financed from external sources requiring guarantee, warranty or counter-guarantee, such as:

●   advance payment received when the project reaches a proper state or readiness,
●   bank credit for the execution of part of an investment project.

Our offer is for banks, guarantors, warranty institutions, including insurance companies, underwriters, financial institutions.

Within the above specified services provided in the form of regular inspections, PRS assesses:
●    the contractor’s readiness for a timely and quality execution of the project or its part,
●    the project budget against the presumed expenses,
●    the advancement of the project and the work progress,
●    the contractor’s credit worthiness during financing the project from the advance payments or bank loan portions.

In the case of the project intended for the investor’s own purposes, PRS performs the financial analysis of the project to calculate whether its operation generates sufficient means to pay off the credit loan.

PRS conducts the contractor's risk assessment and identifies risk areas and hazards related to the contractor's economic, financial and organisational situation.

PRS verifies:
●    payments made from the supervised financial means,
●    finance flux schedule in relation to the project execution schedule and possible execution disruptions.

Having regard to the safety of financial means intended for the specific task, PRS promptly and properly provides relevant information to the project contractor, financing body and guarantor.

Technical and financial supervision procedures applied in the execution of the project financed from external sources safeguard the financial means intended for a specific goal and guarantee their proper use during the project entire financing period.

All inquiries and orders regarding the above specified services shall be sent to: oh@prs.pl