Sopot, 24-26 MAY 2023r.

New 2023 IMO requirements on vessels energy efficiency. Methodology of In-Service Performance Measurements to determine Reference Speed to calculate an Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index EEXI

Krzysztof Kołwzan

Centre for IMO Affairs, Polish Register of Shipping

(E-mail: k.kolwzan@prs.pl)



The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is implementing short-term measures to improve ship Energy Efficiency and reduce Fuel Consumption to minimize CO2 emissions from shipping [1]. The IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (IMO MEPC) at 78th session in 2022, approved the Guidance on Methods, Procedures and Verification of In-Service Performance Measurements for the purpose of calculating Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), as set out in resolution MEPC.350(78) [2]. In cases where the ship speed-power curve is not available or the sea test report does not include EEDI or draught under design load conditions, the speed of the vessel Vref may be obtained by the method of measuring the operating performance for the EEXI calculation, in accordance with the guidelines for the calculation of EEXI [2,4]. 


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