The Research and Development Division of PRS S.A. for years has been conducting works within the scope of developing specialized tools for the performance of stability and strength calculations of floating units. Thanks to them, computer programs intended for internal use of PRS Surveyors are developed and updated.

The WinSea software, used during verification of stability documentation of the units surveyed by PRS, is one of such programs. The WinSea program is currently updated and adapted to the requirements of international, national and PRS rules. The program performs inter alia stability calculations for various loading conditions (including damage condition), general strength, subdivision index (also for ro-pax ships) required by SOLAS Convention.

Based upon experience of surveyors and experts and knowledge of valid regulations and those being implemented, the Polish Register of Shipping continuously diversifies the offer of specialized technical safety improvement software directed to Shipowners, shipyards and universities.

For last years, the Polish Register of Shipping has been developing, at Shipowners request, the StabPRS program, tailored and dedicated to particular floating units. The StabPRS stability and strength software is developed for various types of ships, among others for bulk carriers, general cargo ships, tankers, ro-pax ships. Demo versions of StabPRS software are ordered also by maritime universities, where they are used as educational tools.   

The „Silver anchor” prize awarded to PRS during International Maritime Exhibition BaltExpo 2009 is confirmation of the StabPRS software advantages.

An Emergency Response Centre is another PRS' service linked with the StabPRS program and provided to Shipowners. It involves the execution of emergency appropriate analyzes of the stability and strength (e.g. in case of ship collision or grounding).  

The StabPRS program methodology has been also applied in algorithms used in calculation of stability and strength of semi-submersible barges used in docking. At the request of the REMONTOWA Shiprepair Yard S.A. (Gdańska Stocznia “Remontowa” (GSR)), the StabPRS–RemLift program has been developed, which task is to plan safe process of docking the barges of RemLift type. The program enables also stability and strength verification, also for particularly dangerous stages of docking process, such as transfer of the docked object weight (frequently heavy and large-size one) to/from the barge, or support of the barge structure upon the channel basis. Precise process of barge ballasting, ensuring stability of the whole barge–object assembly, is developed. The program has already confirmed its compliance with applicable requirements for several times. It was used, inter alia, at the planning of safe process of docking “Petrobaltic” platform on RemLift barge.

We are proud to mention, that the program brought PRS an award on BaltExpo 2013 Exibition.

Moreover, within the framework of good cooperation, the Polish Register of Shipping developed algorithms of stability and strength calculations for floating docks. The StabPRS program for floating docks enables calculations aimed at ensuring safe operation of a dock in working condition, as well as during its immersing and emerging, with or without an object onboard. The calculations include checking stability and general strength criteria in accordance with the PRS Rules for the Classification and Construction of Floating Docks – Part III – Stability and Freeboard. The StabPRS program enables collecting essential information for the assessment of the docking/undocking process, at its every stage.  

The calculation software offered by the Polish Register of Shipping allows for considerably easier and safer performance of operations. It economizes the time for their preparation and minimizes the risk associated with their performance.