Sopot, 24-26 MAY 2023r.

Approaches and challenges to determining power-speed characteristics and reference speed for the calculation of EEXI energy efficiency indicators


Bartosz Dombrzalski, Janusz Narewski

 Polish Register of Shipping, POLAND

(E-mail: B.Dombrzalski@prs.pl   J.Narewski@prs.pl )



From 01/01/2023, also ships built before 2013 must have a documented index similar to EEDI called EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Index). Although the EEDI and EEXI attained indicators have a physically identical interpretation, it was necessary to introduce additional ways to determine the key power-speed relationships for older ships, often several decades old, with lower quality or incomplete technical documentation, and what was significant was the weakness of the older sea standards trials. The article reviews the available routes for EEXI calculations based on different approaches, taking into account the practical experience of PRS, which was directly involved in the development and verification of the relevant calculation documentation in the form of EEXI Technical files. 


Extended abstract