Electric & Hybrid Marine Virtual (online)

Marek Narewski
Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk
Email: rp@prs.pl

Alternative fuel storage and fuel supply- Some guidance on ship design

Hybrid propulsion of ships requires the use of alternative fuels. Relevant ship systems must be designed to guarantee the expected ship safety level. The key issues are alternative fuel storage and fuel supply for ship propulsion in compliance with safety requirements. The use of compressed hydrogen or methane demands complex design analysis and is critical from a safety point of view. The results of a short engineering analysis are presented with some guidance on ship design as conclusions after analysis of tow waterborne experimental craft projects that required the introduction of novel and safe solutions in the ship design. The safety approach priority is crucial in the certification process conducted by class societies..

Keywords: hybrid propulsion of ship, alternate fuel, guidance on ship design