Międzynarodowy Kongres Morski 2015


Szczecin 2015

Monika Warmowska
Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk 
E-mail: m.warmowska@prs.pl

Wpływ podziału grodziowego na bezpieczeństwo statków typu RO-PAX 
i ich bezpieczny powrót do portu

Subdivision of Ro-Pax Ships for Enhanced Safety in the Damage Conditio 
and Safe Return to Port


It is the priority of Polski Rejestr Statków to ensure the safety of people and cargo at sea. PRS Rules are based on international conventions and regulations as well as on in-house R&D projects.

PRS Rules relating to the safety of ro-ro passenger ferries include, among others:

  • PRS Publication 86/P Explanatory Notes to SOLAS Convention and Directive 2003/25/EC, Stability and Subdivision Requirements, and
  • PRS Publication 90/P Qualitative Failure Analysis for Propulsion and Steering on Passenger Ships (Criteria for a ship's safe return to port).

Both publications present requirements for passenger ships that warrant subdivision for rescue and salvage operations and possible safe voyage to port in the case of damage (flooding or fire).

Specialised software was developed under one of PRS R&D projects to calculate stability in intact and damaged condition and to generate numerical simulations of ship behaviour in waves. Comparative computations were carried out for various bulkhead compartment configurations indicating the safest solutions.

When traditional methods of increasing the subdivision index is not possible new structural solutions are proposed such as minimum height double bottom, double skin or double vehicle deck.