Symposium Safe Shipping on the Baltic Sea

Gdańsk 2011

Monika Warmowska, Jan Jankowski
Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk

Safety of fishing vessels

PRS started a long-term project for the development of stability criteria and standards for smaller vessels which covers:

–  Theoretical analyses of physical phenomena;
–  Development of mathematical models and computer software;
–  Carrying out the model tests verifying the theories and software;
–  Performing systematic numerical simulations;
–  Statistical analyses of real accidents vs. “safe” ships;
–  Development of rational criteria preventing capsize;
–  Development of safety standard.

This paper presents the results of theoretical analyses of the studied phenomena, mathematical models and results of computations. It comprises presentations of modelling of irregular waves, modelling of ship motion on irregular wave and inflow and outflow of water on the vessel’s deck. The behaviour of water on deck was modelled by the shallow water flow. Verification of the theories and software is also presented in the paper. The conclusions summarize the results obtained and present further necessary steps to develop safety criteria referring to the stability of smaller vessels moving in waves.

Keywords: motion of small vessel, modelling of water flow over vessel’s deck, the shallow water problem