Centrum Techniki Okrętowej, Gdańsk 2010

Tomasz Hinz
Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk
Email: rb@prs.pl

Probability of capsizing in dead ship condition

The nature of the contemporary intact stability regulations is prescriptive. They are based mostly on requirements to the righting arm curve (GZ curve) on calm water. This approach is further development of Rahola's work which was conducted in the 1930s. The first intact stability resolutions were approved by IMO in the 1960s.
At present, IMO works on development of new regulations which are to be largely based on the probability approach. The SLF subcommittee proposed four main capsizing scenarios: dead ship condition, pure loss of stability on wave crest, parametric roll and surf-riding with broaching. These scenarios are the starting points for changing the current regulations. Many scientific centres have undertaken the work on creating the new stability criteria.
This paper presents the computations of the capsizing probability for RoPax ship in the case of Dead Ship Condition scenario. The non-linear model of ship motion for regular wave was applied in the calculations.

Keywords: capsizing, dead ship condition, probability