Electric Power Quality in Isolated Systems – Requirements and Examples of Analysis

Abstract – The paper analyses power quality requirements for isolated systems. Standards used within this framework are taken from widely used classification societies rules, in-ternational standards applied to shore and off-shore units. The norms can be also divided into merchant and navy ships, both are analyzed. The requirements themselves are just a simple indication tool of the electric power quality. Hence, four real time examples are presented: 1) a navy ship with regular propeller, 2) an all electric ship with power network exceeded 1 MVA, 3) a passenger ship with 6.6 kV network and 4) equipment installed on shore, i.e. 120 kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply system. For some of the presented examples standards are not fulfilled, which is discussed and some remarks are given.

Index Terms: Harmonic analysis, Harmonic distortion, Marine technology, Marine vehicles, Marine vehicle power systems, Power system harmonics, Power system measurements, Power system monitoring, Power quality, Uninterruptible Power Supply systems

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