We are pleased to announce that Polish Register of Shipping (PRS) starts issuing electronic documents for ships classified by our society. In the first step a new service will cover certificates for sea-going vessels and small sea-going ships.

We implement modern, more convenient and safer, in the current state, solutions to meet the expectations of our clients. We enable to receive classification and statutory documents in an electronic version - so far, all certificates issued by us, in order to be valid, had to be prepared in a paper version.

We introduce a system of electronic documents from 1st December 2020. Certificates issued in electronic form will be equivalent to existing paper documents. E-certificates contain all data from the previous paper versions, including their authorization by PRS, and their possession does not require additional storage of paper certificates.

Electronic certificates are a significantly more convenient for ship owners and ship operators:

- they are easily and always available,

- they are safer than paper documents,

- there is no risk of their loss or misplace,

- issued certificates are available immediately, without the need to wait for a paper delivery,

- their validity and authenticity can be verified at any time,

- they reduce costs of documentation administration.

We issue e-certificates at the request of the shipowner/ship operator. The Application for an electronic certificate should be sent to the Sea-Going Ships Survey Department at kn@prs.pl.

Attention! The possibility of issuing electronic documents depends on whether such kind of documents are accepted by the administration of the flag state under which the ship flies. PRS checks this possibility before issuing the documents.

We encourage our clients to switching to convenient electronic documents.

More information about electronic documents can be obtained directly from Sea-going Ships Survey Department at kn@prs.pl.

At the same time, we are launching a search engine for electronic documents issued for ships under the supervision of our classification society. The search engine allows to check the status of e-certificates issued by PRS. It allows to verify whether the document is valid, cancelled or whether it was issued by PRS at all. Thus, it is an excellent way to fast and simple verify documents, both for shipowners and representatives of maritime administrations and other supervisory institutions.

Verification of PRS e-certificates will be available from 1st December 2020 here: https://ecert.prs.pl.