At the beginning of 2021, Poland has submitted to the International Maritime Organization its candidacy for membership in the IMO Council in the "C" category for the 2022-2023 term. In the first half of December this year IMO Member States will vote on this issue at the 32nd session of the General Assembly. Actions to support Poland in its efforts to become a member of the IMO Council are also undertaken by the Centre for IMO Affairs functioning at the Polish Register of Shipping.

- The Centre has been operating dynamically for many years and it is thanks to its activity that we have a high position in IMO - emphasizes Phd. Dsc. Eng. Master Mariner Henryk Śniegocki, President of the PRS Management Board. We have already applied to join this body a few years ago. It  was close to the final success and acceptance of Poland's candidacy to the IMO Council. Currently, there is another great opportunity ahead of us and it must be emphasized here that the entire team of the Centre is working to succeed. Not only by studying numerous documents, but also by coordinating the work of the Sections, as well as serving as  intermediary in talks with the ministry, underlines the President of PRS.

In mid-October this year a meeting with ambassadors, chargé d'affaires and other representatives of diplomatic missions of IMO member states was held at the Ministry of Infrastructure to promote the Polish candidacy for the IMO Council. The discussion brought closer the potential and showed Poland's experience in the maritime economy and maritime higher education, which may translate into the process of making decisions favorable to global shipping.

Polish maritime universities, Polish ports and the Centre for IMO Affairs at PRS participate actively, supporting the authorities of our state in obtaining the largest number of votes, in the process of promoting our country among other IMO members, who will decide in just over a month in voting on the composition of the IMO Council.

- It's not only the prestige. This is an important accession, also due to the development of the Polish maritime economy, and a significant impact of this income on the state budget as well as in view of the Polish maritime tradition. Matters related to the broadly understood function of creating a culture of safety and environmental management, as well as environmental protection at sea, in accordance with the goals set by the maritime organization are our greatest assets - emphasizes Krzysztof Kołwzan, Eng. Phd, head of the Centre for IMO Affairs at PRS.

The arguments in favor of Poland's admission to the IMO include, inter alia, our more than 60-year membership in the IMO (since 1960), active involvement in IMO activities to ensure safety of shipping, protection of the marine environment and facilitation of international maritime shipping. Poland also actively participates in the implementation of education and training in maritime professions and supporting seafarers, develops new technologies and innovations as well as ships provision with fuels and their supply from onshore energy sources and conducts activities to increase the energy efficiency of ships and cooperation between ships and ports to facilitate sea transport.

We hope that the assets of our country will be appreciated, and that the efforts of all involved will achieve the goal and that Poland will be admitted to the IMO Council for the next term of the office.