On April 7, 2021, Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology – IMarEST has organized a technical webinar Costs & Risk Management with new Class services & CBM. Polish Register of Shipping and Info Marine Middle East, that were invited to speak out, presented two topics: Alternative class survey methods and Condition Based Maintenance.

PRS was represented by Mr. Marek Narewski ,Technical Expert from Rules Development Department, who justified the requirements for performing Alternative Surveys of machinery onboard, per Class rules, harnessing the full potential of assets and operations. He highlighted the appropriate balance that class societies maintain, in ensuring that ship owners comply with IMO regulations, while still being empathetic to the fact that ships need to operate profitably. He also identified the primary causes of machinery failure which served as the backdrop of Condition Maintenance and is referred to in the PRS Rules & IACS standards relating to Condition Monitoring (CM) and Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) schemes.

The second speaker, Mr. Patryk Brząkała Senior Reliability Engineer, Info Marine Middle East, presented the practicalities & benefits of the CBM strategy. He explained the unique nature of CBM measurements onboard & the need for good cooperation with the ships engineers to derive realistic conditions of machinery operation.

Nikeel Idnani, Honorary Secretary of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology UAE branch who moderated the engaging webinar, shared his hands-on experience with traditional planned maintenance based upon predefined scheduled intervals stipulated by the engine manufacturer and a specific case during which human error resulted in downtime for his ship and a hefty bill.

The above approaches were discussed by over a hundred members of the global shipping industry, who attended the webinar.

Full event recording can find here.