The year 2021 is for Polski Rejestr Statków (the Polish Register of Shipping) a special year. It is not only the lucky "21" in the date. This year we celebrate 85 years of our institution's activity. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and related limitations, we intend to adopt a slightly different formula for celebrating our anniversary. Instead of traditional feasting, we will share our knowledge, experiences and solutions. Hence, we plan to organize a series of seminars and trainings in the online formula, both in Poland and abroad. During these meetings, we will discuss the latest trends and raise current issues related to the maritime industry as well as other sectors, e.g. offshore wind energy. If the pandemic situation improves and the conditions allow for meetings in a larger group, we wish to organize some events in traditional on-site form.

The history of PRS begins in the interwar years, when Poland regained its statehood and access to the sea after 123 years of partitions. It is extremely colorful and interesting, at times surprising and turbulent. Here we will share the most important and interesting events in the history of PRS.

In this part we will be placing all information about the planned events that we intend to organize as part of the anniversary. Stay tuned.

Here you will find current news related to the Jubilee, interviews with PRS representatives and articles about us
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01/04/2021 - Wishes for 85 years of the Polish Register of Shipping