On April 14, 2021, President of the Management Board, Andrzej Madejski, will complete his work for Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. He will continue his professional career managing Polska Żegluga Bałtycka.

Five years of the increased effort to develop PRS is a source of satisfaction. I have a feeling of a well-fulfilled duty, said President Madejski.

In the years 2016-2021, PRS implemented many important projects and contracts, thanks to which our institution, following its mission, has strengthened its position on the market and developed in new areas. First of all, it is worth mentioning that as a classification society, PRS made a leap in the tonnage of the classified fleet - currently there are 683 ships with a total tonnage of 9,350.3 thousand GT (as of the end of February 2021). This is a level that PRS has never achieved before in its entire history.

I am grateful to all those who supported the PRS Management Board and contributed to making the right decisions. I am convinced that the directions of activities chosen in 2016, successfully implemented during the 5-year term of office of the Management Board, will also determine the future activities of the Polish Register of Shipping. I am proud that I could take part in enhancing the importance and image of PRS, and participate in the development of the Company's – summed up Andrzej Madejski.

It is worth emphasizing that the Polish Register of Shipping is an institution even-keeled in formal and legal terms, recognized by the European Union and the Polish government, as well as by 38 other maritime administrations. IACS membership was and remains important for the international activity of PRS. We also consider the long-term cooperation with the Polish Navy as an ennobling our institution.

PRS is not only about the classification of ships. It is also the certification of management systems, assessment and certification of products for compliance with European Union directives and regulations, incl. for marine equipment, recreational craft or personal protective equipment. Moreover it is worth mentioning the industry-recognized certification of welding personnel by PRS. We should  also emphasize that PRS has the ability to quickly adapt to current needs. One example is the fast adaptation to the sudden increase in demand for certification of face masks. We treat this activity, as well as the development of the new PRS Protection-Reliability-Safety (PRS) standard, as our contribution to the current global fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Along with the classification of ships and other floating objects and the certification activity, PRS performs various types of industrial supervision. Its scope includes investor's and technical supervision in accordance with the requirements of the construction law. In addition, we supervise stationary units and devices of sea mining for which requirements have been developed. The same applies to offshore wind farms, the certification of which we will engage in.

As always in its history, the Polish Register of Shipping is determined to act and develop - said Dariusz Rudziński, member of the PRS Management Board. We are committed to this by 85 years of achievements of the institution that has been built and improved by several generations of dedicated, talented people, as well as by the belief that having our own classification society is in the Polish interest. In the interest of ensuring quality, safety and environmental protection - stated Dariusz Rudziński.