In March 2021, we have published the Report entitled "Installation fleet operator. Potential of the Polish maritime industry for the needs of offshore wind farms". The document generated a wide interest and numerous comments. For this reason we organized a webinar on the subject, which can be listened again here.

The main conclusion drawn from the report is the need for strong cooperation of Polish entities operating in maritime industry, in the broad sense, in order to obtain the greatest possible share of our domestic industry in the construction and operation of the OWF - stated Dariusz Rudziński, Member of the PRS Management Board.

Referring to the idea of the installation fleet operator, Grzegorz Strzelczyk, President of Lotos Petrobaltic, stated: LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A. is the only Polish mining company specializing in the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas deposits on the Polish shelf of the Baltic Sea. These activities have been successfully carried out for over 30 years. It naturally shows us the direction for development and the future of the company in relation to changes taking place in the offshore industry. We want to use all our economic potential and qualifications to implement the offshore wind energy development program, actively participate in the energy transformation and in the effective actions against climate changes. Lotos Petrobaltic S.A. has the necessary land and sea infrastructure as well as knowledge and human resources that allow the company to become a national operator in the construction and service of offshore wind farms. This new field of activity should become a driving force for the Polish economy and a huge growth potential for Gdansk Pomerania. The commitment of our companies and ourselves proves that we take this challenge seriously and we are able to face  it by using the human and production potential and competence we have.

Consequently after the Report publication, subsequent numerous discussions with interested parties and favorable comments, a letter of intent on this subject was signed. Representatives of the companies: Grupa Przemysłowa Baltic Sp. z o.o., Remontowa Shiprepair Yard S.A., Remontowa Shipbuiling S.A., CRIST S.A., LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A. and Polish Register of Shipping signed an agreement, declaring their readiness to cooperate and expressing their determination to support mutual involvement in the supply chain of materials and services related to the offshore wind energy development program in the Polish exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea.

We are pleased that we were able to join the esteemed group of Polish companies interested in cooperation in the development of offshore wind energy in Poland. We hope that mutual cooperation based on the strong potential of Polish industry will have a positive impact on the development of this sector of the economy - said Jacek Milewski, member of the Management Board of CRIST S.A. In recent years, the shipyard has built several units for the installation of offshore wind turbines.

The need for cooperation is also mentioned by Michał Habina, President of the Board of Remonotwa Shiprepair Yard S.A.: We are a member of the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society. In addition, operating within the largest holding in Poland - REMONTOWA Holding, we have a very strong design and equipment base, which allows us to use the synergy effect for the implementation of the largest and most complex marine engineering projects.

Also Remontowa Shipbuilding has the experience in construction of ships for offshore wind energy.

REMONTOWA Shipbuilding S.A. as the largest production shipyard in Poland, over the last 20 years has built more than 130 fully equipped turnkey vessels, more than half of which was intended for the offshore market recipients from the USA, Canada, Singapore, Scotland and Norway - says Marcin Ryngwelski, President of the Management Board of RSB.

Built from scratch in 2016, the new cable-laying vessel ‘Seaway Aimery’ operates on offshore wind power plant installation in European waters. Therefore, we have mastered very complex ship technologies dedicated to the offshore market and we can independently build virtually any vessel to service this sector - from research vessels through service operation, support vessels (SOV/W2W), to guardships (Guard), multi-purpose offshore tugs, crew/personnel transfer vessels (CTV) and other support units - confirmed Marcin Ryngwelski.

As indicated in the letter of intent, comprehensive participation of the Polish industry in the construction and operation of offshore wind farms is economically justified. It is an element limiting the risk of lack of access to key assets such as ships, being and at the same time an important mechanism of the National Reconstruction Plan. Moreover, the development of offshore wind energy with the participation of Polish shipyards and shipowners brings the possibility of using the local production and service companies to the greatest extent. It also leads to building a high position of Polish entrepreneurs in the global value chain in the offshore wind energy segment.

The content of the letter can be found HERE. (polish version)

The development of offshore wind energy in Poland, in addition to the demand for shipbuilding, also creates a market for services related to the modernization and reconstruction of the existing fleet. The national shipyards have relevant experience.

REMONTOWA Shiprepair Yard for several years has been implementing the most complex projects for the offshore sector, including offshore wind, for the largest energy companies in the world. We have rebuilt huge tankers and offshore platforms by installing and commissioning floating refineries on them, not to mention numerous projects of adaptation (mobilization) of ships to perform tasks in the offshore elevator sector, for example for works on the foundations of offshore wind towers or laying submarine power cables. We have repaired and modernized wind farm installation vessels many times. In 2021, we are repairing the largest ship of this type in the world, restoring it to be fully operational. We also rebuild offshore vessels, including the so-called diving support vessels (DSV), equipping them with functional systems, inclusive of new, hybrid systems that increase the efficiency of propulsion using energy from batteries. We can also build energy modules for wind farms - emphasizes President Habina.

Grupa Przemysłowa Baltic, which brings together entities such as Baltic Operator, Gdańsk Shipyard, Energomontaż-Północ Gdynia, is a team with extensive, long-standing experience and competence in the production of vessels as well as highly specialized structures and equipment for the offshore industry. In over 70 years of our history, we have built over 1,000 sea-going vessels of various types and use for shipowners from around the world. Grupa Przemysłowa Baltic has the potential to build several types of SOVs, Bunkier, Multipurpose/Survey Vessel, the potential to build Heavy Lift Vessels and the ability to build an installation vessel (Jack-up) in cooperation with other shipbuilding partners. GPB is able to construct all fully equipped units of the offshore fleet without major investment costs – expresses his confidence Andrzej Czech - Vice President of the Management Board of GPB.

The Polish Register of Shipping will be involved in the integration of the domestic maritime industry as we see the common interest of all its participants in such action - emphasizes Dariusz Rudziński.