To Shipowners, Operators and Masters of Vessels classed by Polish Register of Shipping,

Global Restrictions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Polish Register of Shipping is fully aware that current epidemic situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) and various measures taken by governments and other parties to restrict its spread created significant impact on shipping industry and ships’ operations.

The timely implementation of scheduled surveys, inspections, audits, repairs and other activities related to the operation and classification of ships may therefore be difficult.

Also recent developments at IMO including the issuance of IMO Circular Letter No.4204/Add.1 on 19 February 2020, call for understanding and close cooperation among all Member States to overcome challenges related to the implementation and enforcement of the relevant IMO instruments. 

Polish Register of Shipping confirms that every received request regarding current classification and statutory supervision  resulting from restrictions caused by the epidemic of Coronavirus will be individually considered using existing procedures for "special circumstances" and "force majeure" in close co-operation with ship’s Flag Administration and Port Administration.

Ship Owners and Operators are requested to inform their Masters of the above.

In case of any questions please contact PRS Survey Department,