On April 15, 2020 the ceremony of the first flag raising on the tug H-1 Gniewko took place at the Naval Base in Gdynia. The vessel was incorporated into the Support Squadron of the 3rd Ship Flotilla. This is another unit with the construction number B 860, which was built as part of the project of "technical security and rescue operations at sea under the code name Tugboat." H-1 Gniewko, like the twin H-11 Bolko, was built under the supervision of the Polish Register of Shipping.

The tugboat with the registration number PRS 150015 is the second of 6 tugs ordered by the Polish ArmamEnt Inspectorate. Vessels are to replace veteran tugs operating in the Navy since the early 1980s.

Tugs B 860 are multi-purpose vessels, intended, among others, for combat protection, logistic support and assistance to ships at sea and in ports, conducting activities related to technical evacuation, supporting rescue operations, transporting people and supplies as well as neutralizing pollution. Units are also adapted to work in ice conditions.