Last year, the city of Gdynia has started a new investment in the Witomino district consisting of the modernization of water and sewage, heating and gas systems, reconstruction and extension of a local road and construction of a retention reservoir.

The investment is supervised by 6 industry inspectors from the consortium of Transprojekt Gdański and Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. PRS actively participates in the hydrotechnical part of the project - we supervise the construction of the reservoir, works related to the exchange of soil for the road around the reservoir and some of the works with rainwater drainage.

The construction works started at the end of last year and the investment should be completed by the end of 2020 as planned. Currently ongoing works are being carried out according to the schedule. Due to the supervision importance in the project, our presence at the construction site is necessary. Our hydrotechnical inspector, observing all precautions, verify the stages of the investment and actively participate in all necessary activities.

The whole project is worth PLN 24.5 million and has received 85% funding from the European Union.