After the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for personal protective equipment increased rapidly. Many of PPE, mainly the masks offered on the markets of many countries, do not meet the relevant standards, i.e. they do not provide the required level of user safety, which has been spoken of recently.

Polski Rejestr Statków as a notified body, within the scope of its authorization, issues certificates confirming the compliance of products with relevant EU regulations, such as directives and regulations. We conduct, among others conformity assessment processes for personal protective equipment, including masks and half-masks, currently sought after on the market. Certificates are issued on the basis of positive results of laboratory tests that confirm the compliance of these products with relevant standards. Here, we point out that only on the basis of a positive result of the conformity assessment process carried out by a notified body authorized in the given scope, the product manufacturer may issue a declaration of conformity, which is a document necessary for the sale of products on the market and mark the product with the CE mark. In the declaration, the manufacturer declares that his product meets the relevant standards indicated in the declaration.

Following the media's publications on the validity of documents issued for personal protective equipment, PRS has been receiving a lot of inquiries about issued certificates in recent weeks. We would like to inform all interested parties that the validity of certificates issued by PRS can be verified individually through a dedicated certificate search engine, which is available on the website in the Certification/Certification of Products and Persons section.

We also provide the link to our search engine here: