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Requirements of the Flag Administrations with regard to Port State Control

We present the requirements of the selected Flag Maritime Administrations with regard to the proceeding of the Owners/Managers and Classification Societies/Recognized Organizations in response to the results of the Port State Control Inspections.

The said requirements should be treated as minimum; the scope of the requirements may be extended, depending on the actual situation. For other flags vessels, the Maritime Administrations specify the requirements on the “case-by-case” basis.

These requirements will be continuously updated.


–    The Kingdom of Cambodia
 Cambodia (579kB)

–    Republic of Cyprus    

–    Commonwealth of Dominica

–    Marshall Islands

–    St. Vincent and Grenadines
 St_Vincent_Circ_PSC_001 (53kB)
 St_Vincent_Circ_PSC_016 (86kB)
 St_Vincent_Circ_PSC_018 (152kB)
 St_Vincent_Circ_PSC_022 (18kB)
 St_Vincent_Circ_PSC_024 (245kB)

–    Republic of Panama
 Resolucion-106-26-DGMM-1 (37kB)

Grzegorz Ruszczyński
PRS Coordinator for PSC Affairs
tel. 58 75 11 188
fax.  58 346 03 94
e-mail: kp@prs.pl or Grzegorz.Ruszczynski@prs.pl; tel. AOH +48 603 160 938