New limitations on sulphur content in marine fuels - New requirements for ship owners and associated hazards
As a ship owner bears the sole responsibility for ensuring that the ship installations use low sulphur marine fuels required by the regulations specified by the EC (see Council Directive 1999/32/EC as further amended), International Maritime Organization (Annex VI to MARPOL Convention) and by national regulations of other countries (California state of USA), Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. recommends, that before commencement of operation of any auxiliary installations using such a fuel, ship owners should contact their manufacturer.

From the viewpoint of operational safety and the ship itself, it is important that engines, pumps, boilers and boiler burners be properly adjusted for the maintenance and burning of low sulphur marine fuels. Where modification of the installations are necessary due to the requirement to use such fuels, such installations shall have been previously approved by PRS S.A. and then subjected to the survey to demonstrate the possibility of their safe operation. Ship owners shall apply the following guidelines taking account of the safety, proper operation and operability of marine engines and boilers associated with the usage of LSDOs (Low Sulphur Distillate Oil) in accordance with standards ISO-8216-1 and PN-ISO 8216-1. The guidelines can be found here.