Hydronav' 21 Sopot-Iława – online

International Symposium on Hydrodynamics in Ship Design, Safety, Maneuvering and Operation

Monika Warmowska- Gadzińska, Andrzej Laskowski, Henryk Purowski, Maja Malinga

Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk

Email: rb@prs.pl

Simulation of fishing vessel motion for seakeeping analysis

Within International Maritime Organization IMO, for many years, work have been conducted to prepare rules governing the stability requirements for ships, considering particularly dangerous phenomena. The IMO expert group has developed recommendations concerning direct assessment of ship stability, guidance on operational limitations, as well as the second generation intact stability criteria. Polski Rejestr Statków (PRS) is ready to implement the guidelines proposed as the future IMO documents in the process of ensuring navigation safety. Prepared and verified tools for the simulation of ship’s behaviour on regular or irregular waves provide the possibility to perform calculations and observations, among the others, for phenomena such as surf-riding or broaching. The paper presents examples of numerical analyses defining the safe operation conditions for fishing vessels.