Hydronav '21 Sopot-Iława, 19 - 21 maja 2021 r. – online


International Symposium on Hydrodynamics in Ship Desing, Safety, Manoeuvring and Operation


Janusz Narewski
Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., Gdańsk
Email: rp@prs.pl

Digital twins concept in the activities of Classification Societies

Until recently, simulation and computational models were mainly used to support the design and verification of structures. For some time, advanced computational tools have been adopted also as the equipment used during ship operation. One of the most important and relatively new terms associated with this trend, popularized during the current digital transformation of industry since beginning of the 21st century, is the concept of 'digital twin'. The article is an overview of its significance for the maritime industry, indicating what should distinguish such systems from classic simulation and computing environments and how this concept is shaped in the era of digital transformation. It also gives examples of such systems developed and used in the activities of a classification society such as Polish Register of Shipping.