PRS has developed the Publication 130/P "Offshore Wind Farms" – in September we have published the Polish version of the Rules, today we are providing you with the English version. The Publication has been translated with care to preserve the most accurate translation from Polish. Certainly the universal nature of English will contribute to a wider promotion of our Rules. Thus we enable people from the offshore sector from around the world to refer to the Publication.

A two weeks ago we have started consultations in which all interested organizations and individuals can express opinions and propose updates to particular parts of our elaboration on offshore wind farms. We strive to tailor the Publication to the expectations and needs of its users, therefore we encourage all interested parties to take part in our wide industry consultations that will allow for gathering the opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders. Now, after the release of the English version of the Publication, the group will certainly be expanded.

We invite you to participate in the consultations - the information received from you will contribute to the continuous development of the PRS Publication 130/P "Offshore Wind Farms".

If you have problems completing the survey, please contact us at

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