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Signing a letter of intent between PRS and the authorities of the Chinese city of Ningbo

On 24th September 2018 a preliminary cooperation agreement was signed between PRS and the Chinese city of Ningbo in connection with the planned transfer of the PRS Branch Office from Shanghai to this city. At the ceremonial signing of the letter of intent PRS was represented by the President of the Board, Mr. Andrzej Madejski, who was accompanied by the director and employees of PRS office from Shanghai. On the Chinese side, the letter was signed by Mr. Zheng Jiejie, deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the party committee of the Yinzhou district of Ningo city.

During the ceremony the President Madejski expressed his satisfaction that PRS can open its Chinese branch headquarters in Ningbo. The administration of this city offers a number of facilitations for companies that decide to start their activities there. "The port in this city has excellent conditions for servicing ships and it develops port logistics as well as the accompanying strong shipbuilding centers," added President Madejski. After signing the contract, cooperation between both parties will be promoted in order to achieve better results.

Port of Ningbo Zhoushan is a Chinese port in Zhejiang province, which is known in the world for a record total tonnage of all ships serviced annually and ranks first in the ranking of cargo ports around the world. Ningbo is also the 4th container port in the world. This port conducts business cooperation with over 560 ports from over 90 countries.