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PRS uses drones for ship inspections

The Polish Register of Shipping, in cooperation with national partners, has begun the process of implementing the Remote Inspection Technique on its classified vessels. Under this program, the idea of ​​using drones is implemented to carry out inspection of the hull structure in difficult to reach areas.

Thanks to the use of these devices it became possible to carry out inspections in closed spaces: cargo ships, fuel tanks, ballast tanks.

Properly adapted to these special purposes drones, convey the image of the difficult-to-access elements in real time to the indicated device in the hands of the inspector. The transmission can be recorded, which gives a very accurate assessment of the condition of the object under investigation.

Here you can find a link to a video from the inspection of cargo tanks on the ICARUS III tanker classified by PRS, made with a use of drone adapted for works in closed spaces and manufactured by Droneinspections.pl. The inspection was carried out in cooperation with the company performing thickness measurement services Stefship, and the Shipowner.