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PRS seminar "Fire-protection on sea-going ships – improvement of safety"

On 23rd November 2017, the Polish Ship Register Office in Piraeus conducted a seminar entitled "Fire protection on sea-going ships – Improvement of safety". The seminar was directed mainly to shipowners and shipping companies. Among the guests were representatives of shipping companies, shipbuilding industry, service companies, design offices and maritime administration. The meeting took place at the Conference Room of the Hotel Savoy in Piraeus.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) lists fires as the second most common cause of all marine casualties (in every seventh accident a fire breaks out) just after stranding and collisions. Following incidents, changes in regulations or the development of new legal and technical shipping standards in force are introduced.

The main purpose of the seminar was to familiarize attendees with issues related to improving safety in the field of fire protection on sea-going ships.

The PRS Piraeus Office Manager Mr. Leszek Pokora took the lead. After greeting the guests, he presented information on the activities of the Polish Register of Shipping, including the Greek market, where PRS has been operating for over 20 years.

In the main part of the seminar, the lectures were given by:

  • Mrs. Hanna Słąba from the PRS Centre for IMO Affairs: "IMO fire safety requirements "
  • Ms. Iwona Gibas of the PRS Hull and Technology Department: "Structural fire protection, evacuation and safe return "
  • Mr. Wojciech Kozyro , the Deputy Manager of Machinery and Equipment Department: "Fire safety and orderly evacuation from sea-going ship including case study"
  • Mr. Alexandros Papagerasimou,  Deputy Manager of Piraeus Branch Office: " Common deficiencies found during surveys of passive and active fire protection"

All presentations at the meeting, as well as the brought up regulation matters, aroused great interest among assembled guests, who  emphasized the high level of information provided and professionalism of speakers.

The seminar was another training organized by PRS in Greece. Previous seminar: "International convention for the control and management of ship’s ballast water and sediments,2004 - getting ready for implementation" was held in Piraeus on 17.11.2016.