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Polish Register of Shipping on the meeting „POLAND & GREECE – CONNECTED BY SHIPPING”

On Thursday, 9th February 2017, a meeting took place in Athens to promote the opportunities for the Polish and Greek businesses in the maritime sector. The event was held by the Polish Embassy in Athens in liaison with the specialised company of Mare Forum International. In this exceptional and pioneering event as many as seventeen ship-owners, four shipyards, seven engineering companies, five consulting businesses and two classification societies participated.

In her opening address, Her Excellency the Ambassador of Poland in Greece, Mrs Anna Barbarzak declared: „I’m deeply convinced that Polish and Greek partners have an enormous creative potential for the collaboration and a lot of mutually beneficial ventures can be found. The sea have determined the direction for development for generations. Provided jobs, development prospects for the ambitious and gifted, stimulated science, triggered technologies and inventions. The sea also paves the road to the future to new generations”.

The Vice-Director of the Economic Collaboration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Maciej Fałkowski mentioned a number of reasons for which the Polish shipbuilding industry may be found interesting by Greek partners. He stated, among other things, that Polish and Greek businesses operating in the maritime sector may complement each other well, and Polish shipyards offer high-quality innovative services. On the other hand, Greek ship-owners make investments constantly placing orders for the construction of new ships or repair or modification of those in service.

The meeting was chaired by the Managing Director of Aegean Shipping Management, Mr Apostolos Poulovassilis, who also moderated a series of participants’ presentations.

Among the Polish businesses presenting their potential and offer to prospective Greek partners was the Polish Register of Shipping. Our company was represented by the Manager of PRS Branch Office in Piraeus, Mr Leszek Pokora.

The key conclusions brought after the meeting are, that the Polish shipyards, manufacturers and service companies in the maritime sector are prepared to provide Greek partners with the respective products and services sought. The Polish businesses are highly specialised and characterised by wide experience, modern technologies, timeliness and competitive prices. It was emphasized that in the niche sectors, the shipbuilding industry may also be interesting to some Greek businesses.

In the seminar summary, the chairman expressed hope that similar meetings are to be held in the future, such as the MARE FORUM scheduled for May 2017, Poland, will assist the synergy of Polish and Greek maritime clusters to provide the framework for closer economic collaboration between these countries.

The Polish-Greek meeting ended in the talks in B2B formula, which was another means to even better presentation of collaboration opportunities.