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Scientists from Gdansk University of Technology created plans for a new ferry on the Motława River

Soon on the Motlawa River, between the seat of the National Maritime Museum located on Ołowianka and Long Riverside, will run a modern ferry: electric, partially powered by solar energy. It will replace the worn-out, floating for almost 30 years ferry "Motława". Plans for a new ferry created scientists from the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology from Gdańsk University of Technology.

Technical documentation on the prototype craft was officially handed over to the management of NMM during a meeting in the museum on 12th December 2016. Mr. Jaroslaw Sellin, the Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage, was present during the official handover.

The already exploited boat "Motława" belonging to the NMM, will have to be replaced soon. Therefore, the team led by professor Janusz Kozak, the Dean for Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, created plans for a new eco-ferry, which would be not only modern and environmentally friendly, but also visually interesting.

“The drive is electric, that is completely clean, no smoking and making noise. Additionally, the unit is equipped with modern propellers, which also do not lose their oil” - said D. Sc, PhD. Janusz Kozak, the Dean for the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology Gdansk University of Technology. – “When designing this unit, we invited the Academy of Fine Arts. I think that the end result satisfies both engineers and artists.”

After almost two years of work, consultation with experts of the Technical Service from the Polish Register of Shipping and introducing some modifications, an expanded, conceptual documentation was created and approved in accordance with the applicable rules of the PRS, as well as of the Polish Administration and selected requirements of the EU directive on the inland passenger ferries. This documentation may be the basis for a tender for the construction of a ferry in the formula design (technical classification and working project) and build.

"Motława 2" will be 12 m long, 5 m wide and 0.93 m draft. Its displacement is 1.93 m. The unit will be able to take 35 people in. On board, it was designated a special place for the disabled, bicycles and carts. Electrically powered unit will be loaded from the shore, drawing additional power from photovoltaic panels. The safety of maneuvering will be provided by two functionally independent drive systems.

Technical documentation of the new ferry could be made due to a grant from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Gdansk.