On the coming two days, September 26-27, 2023, the Waterborne TP Technology Platform is organizing Waterborne Days 2023 in Brussels. This is a two-day conference during which the current state of research financed from European Union funds, intended for research and development in the broadly understood water transport sector, will be discussed.

The conference, organized as an interactive event, aims to shape the water transport research and development sector in line with strategic plans for transition to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, covering all aspects of the EU water transport practical activities and plans.

The planned future cooperation will incorporate the experience gained by the LASTING project consortium and the European Commission. It will also be a subject of planning and creating specific action plans for effectively expanding knowledge about completed, ongoing, and future projects, agreed upon by over 120 leading companies and institutions from the Waterborne Association (https://www.waterborne.eu/)

The issues discussed will include presenting the experience of entities responsible for this industry sector as well as advanced R&D topics aimed at developing zero-emission and effective technical solutions for ships - up to the level of technological readiness - TRL 8-9.

Waterborne Days will include several meetings and plenary discussions covering technical and legislative navigation topics. In particular, the development and implementation of innovative solutions for various types of ships will be discussed, with a holistic approach to safety and zero-emission issues and taking into account the aspects of multimodal logistics and management of the implementation of work results, financed or planned, as part of initiated or coordinated activities, under the Waterborne Agreement with the European Commission and associated partners.

The Polish Register of Shipping will be an active participant in the conference - the Principal Specialist from the Research and Development Division, Marek Narewski, will speak up in a plenary discussion devoted to ferries and essential aspects of the transformation of European ferry shipping, aiming at achieving the set goals in the field of safety and zero-emission.

It is worth mentioning that PRS has developed and published some publications (rules and informative) regarding eco-efficiency. These are:

- Publications P (rules):

72/P Safety Requirements for Ships Using Low-flashpoint Gases (LNG, CNG, LPG) as Fuel - July 2023

103/P Guidelines for energy efficiency of ships – April 2023

98/P Guidelines Regarding the Requirements for Marine Diesel Engines Fitted with NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Systems - January 2023

- Publications I (informative):

37/I Guidelines for the safety of ships using fuel cell power installations - May 2022

38/I Guidelines for the safety of ships using methyl/ethyl alcohol as fuel - August 2022

39/I Guidelines for the safe carriage of alternative fuelled vehicles (AFVs) on ro-ro ships and onboard charging of electric vehicles - October 2022

11/I Safe use of hydrogen as a fuel in commercial industrial applications- June 2021.

Over 300 people, representing most European companies in the shipbuilding sector and research and academic institutions, grouped in the WEGMT association, registered for the event.

WEGMT - European Association of Universities in Marine Technology - gathers  40 universities from 17 countries. The association strives to develop and promote knowledge and raise the competencies of engineers and graduates in marine technologies. (https://www.wegemt.com)

Event website with agenda: https://www.waterborne.eu/events/upcoming-events/waterborne-days-conference-2023