On Wednesday, March 22, we renewed the agreement authorizing Polski Rejestr Statków S.A., as a recognized organization, to provide, on behalf of the government of the Hellenic Republic, statutory certification services for ships that sail under the Greek flag and offices of Greek shipowners.

On behalf of the Greek government, the document was signed by the Commandant of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice Admiral HCG Georgios Alexandrakis. From the PRS side as a recognized organization, the document was signed by Robert Domański, head of the Polish Register of Shipping office in Piraeus, which legally represents PRS in Greece.

The agreement, which is a renewal of the 2019 authorization, will enter into force on April 16 and will remain in force for the next 4 years. It authorizes PRS to perform surveys and inspections for conformity with the requirements of international conventions and codes as well as relevant legislation of the European Union and local law. Thus, it constitutes PRS' full authorization to act on behalf of the Hellenic Maritime Administration, as its recognized organization,  on ships under the Greek flag, both currently in service and those under construction or reconstruction.

Photos from the signing ceremony are below.