China's shift away from the "Zero-Covid" policy and the opening up of their economy in 2023 were the topics discussed at the meeting of the Polish Ambassador to China, Mr. Wojciech Zajączkowski with Polish companies doing business in that country.

The meeting, which took place on February 21, 2023, at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Shanghai, was attended by several Polish companies, including Chipolbrok, Concept Design (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., KGHM, Orlen, Polish Investment & Trade Agency, 7th Consulting Sp. z o. o., and the Polish Register of Shipping. PRS was represented by Mr. Leszek Pokora, the director of PRS Chinese branch - PRS (Shanghai) Vessel Inspection Company Limited.

The EU Chamber of Commerce report European Business in China Position Paper 2022/2023, presented by Mr. Marcin Szurgot from KGHM Shanghai, a member of the EU Supervisory Board in China, was a starting point for the discussion on Polish business perspectives.

The Polish Ambassador talked about the current political situation and China's relations with Poland and the European Union, and the significant impact of China's policy on the geopolitical situation. He pointed out that Poland's current good relations with China in the political sphere do not translate into economic issues. For years, Poland has experienced a large trade deficit with China, which has only worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic. Other factors, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine, have also contributed to trade difficulties.

The representatives of Polish companies also discussed possible directions for expanding economic cooperation with China. They focused on China’s plans for new courses of development, which present opportunities for Polish-Chinese cooperation in science, new technologies, and environmental protection. The announcements of China’s development strategy, based on the distribution of goods and increasing domestic consumption, create opportunities for Polish businesses to increase their exports, not only in the agri-food or cosmetics industries, where Poland has previously been very successful but also in the luxury goods market.

The attendees also talked about the maritime industry condition which is influenced by the global and regional economic situation. Unfortunately, the current condition of the shipping and shipbuilding industry is not optimistic. While waiting for the post-Covid economic recovery, we can be moderately optimistic and expect a gradual improvement in the economic situation in the industry, and thus opportunities for the development of Polish businesses in China.

Overall, the participants of the meeting hope that the openness of the Chinese economy, declared by the PRC authorities, will be to the benefit of all interested parties.