Update No. 1 dated 03 April 2020 of PRS information regarding COVID-19 dated 06 March 2020

It is PRS key priority to offer continuous support to our Clients who provide services worldwide and who at the same time comply with all government health, sanitary and operational requirements and guidelines.

We are focused on protecting the health of both our clients and surveyors, and take steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

PRS has established the following policy regarding the continuation of class and statutory supervision.

  1. All due surveys, audits and inspections shall be executed to the extent possible. Basing on the a/m survey results, PRS may credit the survey, audit, inspection or postpone it. Not credited items will be subject to re-verification at a convenient time and place, within the period of 3 months.
  2. In special cases, when the survey, audit or inspection cannot be completed (established quarantine for either surveyors or vessel) Remote Survey can be performed as far as practicable (Remote Survey may be generally utilized for occasional surveys, execution of recommendations, etc.). Basing on the a/m remote survey results, PRS will postpone the survey, audit or inspection, and due items will be subject to re-verification at a convenient time and place, within the period of 3 months.
  3. If it is not possible for surveyor or auditor to board the ship due to current situation regarding COVID-19 (e.g. travel restrictions, quarantine in force for surveyors or the vessel, owner’s sanitary restrictions regarding transfer between ship and shore), PRS may grant an extension of surveys without attendance. Such postponement may be granted after the evaluation of information received from the ship and the ship history files. The maximum period of such extension is 3 months.
  4. Due /overdue periodical services, i.e. LSA/Fire Fighting Equipment/Navigational devices, may be postponed, when it is not possible for the service suppliers to attend.

 Any survey, audit or inspection item will be considered for postponement on the basis of the statements, received from the ship Master, that the construction and equipment have been tested by the crew and are in satisfactory and fully operational condition.

All temporary measures described above may be applied by PRS only after they have been communicated and agreed upon with the ship’s Flag Administration (most of Flag Administrations have already issued circular letters concerning COVID-19 situation, which are available on their official web pages and on IMO website: http://www.imo.org/en/MediaCentre/HotTopics/Pages/Coronavirus.aspx)

 In each case, the owner is invited to provide PRS with a survey plan, where the detailed actions, which lead to the final completion of the surveys, are to be recorded. The requests shall be sent to the following email addresses:

kn@prs.pl for classification and statutory surveys, and

kz@prs.pl for audits and inspections,

or to the nearest PRS Office.